Where to get a covid Vaccination

Where to get the Covid Vaccine

In the UK, COVID-19 vaccinations will shortly be available to book. You can receive them at vaccination centres, pharmacies, GP surgeries, and some community locations. We will be offering Covid jabs from our vaccination sites and our pharmacy.

Walk-in covid vaccine near me Lobley Hill

At the moment Covid vaccinations are only available for pre-booked customers. We are accepting bookings from 18th September 2023.

The pharmacy covers areas around Lobley Hill NE 11 including:

GatesheadNE 9NE 11NE15
Metro CentreNE 10NE12NE16

However, you do not have to live in these areas… anyone who is eligible for the vaccination can book an appointment with us.

Can I go to a pharmacy for a Covid  jab?

Coronavirus jabs will initially be delivered form our pharmacy and our vaccination centres alongside GP Practices.

When should I book my Covid Jab?

You can book your COVID-19 booster jab online and choose your preferred vaccination centre now…

Who is eligible for a Free Covid Jab?

The following people are eligible for an autumn Covid booster:

  • Residents in care homes for older adults.
  • All adults aged 65 years and over.
  • People aged 6 months to 64 years in a clinical risk group, as defined in tables 3 and 4 of the Covid-19 chapter of the UKHSA Green Book on Immunisation.

Can you pay privately for a Covid jab?

The COVID-19 vaccination is only available through the NHS to eligible groups and it is a free vaccination.